Originally from the east coast, I’ve lived in Seattle for decades. I have had my hands in art projects my whole life. Most of my working life outside of art has involved teaching mathematics and testing software. These days, I spend most of my time with art.

What I love: asymmetry, patterns, variations on a theme, and designing and building pieces that people use in their daily lives. I am an interdisciplinary artist. I’ve created hand built pottery and collage for decades. I work with low-fire clay, applying color with underglaze. Other techniques include wax-resist, printing/embossing, and sgraffito (carving into the clay after color is applied). I construct my plates, platters and dishes by pressing slabs of clay into forms I have built or found. The pinch pots are…well…hand pinched from a ball of clay; and cups and vases are freeform.

I’m always curious about what remains after carving into painted clay and the effect of the white space after almost covering an area with color. My work is informed by various factors, some of which are my mathematics background, a meditation and yoga practice, what I read, and the patterns and geometry of daily life.

I also design rugs which are hand-knotted and made of handspun, hand-dyed wool, and are woven in Nepal.

My images travel across mediums which continue to expand. My paper/fabric collages become palettes for other items: rugs, tiles, coasters, hand towels, potholders, placemats, shower curtains, calendars, greeting cards, etc. And the underglaze painting in my clay work is influenced as well. Images flow in all directions.

I will be adding more items to the shop over the next weeks and will keep you informed in my newsletter. Stay tuned!

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